The beauty of Current Cost is that it shows you how much energy you’re using right now. It shows how much your electricity use is going to cost every day and every month, unless you alter your behaviour.

It can’t save you money on its own but it can help you change your habits.

We suggest you check the display regularly. If it shows that your usage is high, it could mean there’s something you can switch off now, like a light bulb or an appliance on stand-by.

As you leave the house, it’s good to check the display. It will show you exactly how much electricity you’ll be using even when you’re not at home. Perhaps you’ll be persuaded to switch off the TV instead of leaving it on stand-by.

Check the display before you go to bed. How much money will you spend while you’re asleep? And what can you save by switching off an appliance, or two ... lets face it, you'll be asleep, you won't be needing them for the next eight hours.

Testing how much energy is consumed by your home will surprise you how much wasted there is when some appliances are not turned off altogether. You'll soon get used to what your 'baseline' usage is, if its suddenly higher you'll know something's been left on. Compare your friends and family baseline to yours ... beats talking about the weather.

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