Energy Advice


It’s important you observe some simple precautions before using the product.

The Current Cost monitor does not require you to carry out any electrical wiring. However, it is to be used in and around the electricity supply to your property. If you have any doubt about how to install it safely consult a qualified electrician. Similarly, if you notice anything unusual about your electricity supply, such as loose wires, exposed cabling, burn marks or holes in the insulating materials, damage to your meter, then stop immediately and consult an electrician or your energy supplier.

Do not attempt to repair or service any part of the Current Cost equipment. Contact our customer service department for assistance.

  • Do not immerse the product in water, or any other liquids
  • Do not expose the product to heat, flame, steamy conditions or extreme cold
  • Do not open the equipment or touch any of its electronic circuitry
  • Do not hit, strike or drop the equipment - if the display gets broken, take special care not to touch the liquid crystals
  • Do not use this product for any purpose other than for which it was intended.

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