Envi - Specifications

For more information on the data output of the Envi, please see further info HERE

Buttons are:
  1. Up and down changes appliance view
  2. OK changes between one, seven and 30 days
  3. Press and hold OK to set the clock
  4. Press and hold down to sensor-tune the whole house, or the currently-displayed appliance number
  5. Press and hold up to set normal price (13.9p default, also sets low price the same)
  6. Press and hold up and down to set low price (and start times, if prices are different)
  7. Press and hold OK and down to download history to PC. Please note: all processor activity is halted during this download, even the clock, with a lot of history, the download may take some time! Self-resets when done
  8. Press and hold Up during switch-on to display whole LCD for two seconds then software version number. Cycle power to restart.
  9. Press and hold up and down during switch-on to do the above, then wipe all History and Tuning IDs and burn in fresh defaults, previous DSB is saved. Data is not physically erased, only the pointers are quickly set to zero, like deleting a hard disk file.
Product Size:
9.3cm x 12cm (base) x 15.5 cm
Viewable Screen:
7.3cm x 9cm
Retail Package Size:
35cm x 17cm x 5.5cm
Internal Power Requirement:
Mains block adapter (nominal 1.0 watt)
Physical Format:
Energy Monitored:
Electricity (gas, LPG, oil option in development)
433MHz SRD band
Communication Platform:
C2 architecture
Sensor Coding Recognition:
10 channel (each three input potential)
Recognition Method:
User Initiated - seeks 4,096 possibilities
Number of Permitted Sensors:
Ten (x3 input)
Liquid Crystal segmented display
LCD mode:
Positive reflective -12:00 view
Main services:
Energy, Current Cost
Subordinate Services:
Clock time (24hr), room temperature (0-29°C)
WT Reception Licence Required:
24 hour rolling consumption (bar graph) display (social division into 3 x 8hr periods)
PC connection for streaming data for seven years historical data.
Software code: starting Vx.09
Tariff pre-set at prevailing rate (issued by the purchaser). Adjustable to 99.9p
CT based devices are intended to offer an excellent guide to energy usage. They are not meant to be a replacement for a tariff meter, a smart meter or to check the accuracy of either and will offer the user an overall accuracy of >97% depending on the type of appliances in use.
CE Approvals:
ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.1.1(2006-04), EN 50371 2002, EN 301489-3 v1.4.1 2002-08, EN 60215:1989+A1:1992+A2:1994, IEC 60950-1:2001(1st Edition) and/or EN 60950-1:2001+A11:2004
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