The Classic - Specifications

Product Size:
9.3cm x 12cm (base) x 15.5 cm
Viewable Screen:
7.3cm x 9cm
Retail Package Size:
35cm x 17cm x 5.5cm
Internal Power Requirement:
Mains block adapter (nominal 1.0 watt)
Physical Format:
Energy Monitored:
433MHz SRD band
Communication Platform:
C2 architecture
Sensor Coding Recognition:
10 channel (each three input potential)
Recognition Method:
User Initiated - seeks 4,096 possibilities
Number of Permitted Sensors:
One - up to 3 CTs
Liquid Crystal segmented display
LCD mode:
Positive reflective -12:00 view
Main services:
Energy, Current Cost
Subordinate Services:
Clock time (24hr), room temperature (0-29°C)
WT Reception Licence Required:
24 hour rolling consumption (bar graph) display (social division into 3 x 8hr periods)
PC connection for streaming data for four years historical data.
Software code: starting Vx.01
Tariff pre-set at prevailing rate (issued by the purchaser). Adjustable to 99.9p
CT based devices are intended to offer an excellent guide to energy usage. They are not meant to be a replacement for a tariff meter, a smart meter or to check the accuracy of either and will offer the user an overall accuracy of >97% depending on the type of appliances in use.
CE Approvals:
ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.1.1(2006-04), EN 50371 2002, EN 301489-3 v1.4.1 2002-08, EN 60215:1989+A1:1992+A2:1994, IEC 60950-1:2001(1st Edition) and/or EN 60950-1:2001+A11:2004
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