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Real Time Dashboard -
Meniscus Systems Ltd

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Hosted service so you can access your home electricity information from anywhere. Lets you select up to 4 different graphs to display on the dashboard at the same time. Total of 8 available graphs with more coming soon:

  • Real Time graph - updates every minute. Displays up to 1 hour of data and can select one of three channels or temperature.
  • Raw data graph over the last 24 hours. Similar to the Real Time graph but does not update.
    Range of historic graphs for aggregated half hour and daily consumption for each channel.
  • Calculates the carbon equivalent.
  • Cost vs target cost and showing any savings.
  • Pie chart of daily electricity use - broken down into channels.
  • Benchmarks
New Features include:
  • Comparison of half hour data (continually updated) consumption with a graph of the seasonal average for the same season and day type. This shows how much elec you are using compared to, for example a Winter WeekDay.
  • Baseload calculation.
  • Ability to import the historical bi-hourly data. We split this across the three channels in proportion to the historic use in each channel.

Developer Biography

Meniscus deliver real time performance and energy management solutions primarily to the industrial/water sector and have extensive knowledge in process monitoring and energy management. We use our own very powerful calculation engine to process raw data in real time and store it as processed ‘calculated data’ making it possible to deliver any calculation that you want and to deliver the results quickly over the web.

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