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I plan on doing quite a few things - if anyone has any more ideas than those listed here, please feel free to contact me with those ideas!

- the current system exports in many formats (XLS, PDF, XML, etc). I plan to add more formats.

- I want to allow upload to an FTP site at regular intervals.

- I want to generate a few more reports - in particular, I want to generate the expected bill amount (at the end of 3 months). ie estimate based on current trends.

- comparison charts for the same period last year

- work out base load

- more database utilities (backup, etc)

Developer Biography

Kerry Neighbour - I am a computer programmer, living in sunny Queensland, Australia. I mainly program in Delphi (in Windows), but have used many languages and systems over the years. I also do a bit on the web with MySQL and PHP. I used to be in the RAAF as an electronics technician, and worked on Orions and Mirages. I currently work for Finchcorp Systems, developing a Point of Sale system for the hotel industry.

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