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 Post subject: Where's historical data?
PostPosted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 11:18 pm 

Joined: Sat Apr 16, 2011 10:49 pm
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I connected my device with the CC GPM software, I set up the account and checked everything worked. I then let the monitor run for over a week collecting data, disconnected from the pc.
I now reconnected it to my pc via USB, started CC GPM software, enabled history mode and connected to the device. Following the instructions I initiated history data download, on the EnviR the numeration went from 1 to just 6, pretty quickly for over a week of detailed recording, BTW I the pressed Upload and I then accessed my GPM dashboard .... to my complete surprise (and now increasing anger) I see the data uploaded is about just few days of the period I left (and continuosly checked) the EnviR active, the days 8,9,10 and 15,16 of April. What is even more "strange" is that data is pretty invaluable as it consider not real recordin but averages of unit of time lasting 2 hours! That is completely nonsense.

If I try to export data to csv it just report "sorry there was an error". Nothing on the debug window or file (so what's the purpose of the debug file?).

Before using the software, I changed the regional settings of my Windows 7 pc to English UK to overcome any possible problem usingthe CC GPM software that might be related to numer formatting, dates and so on.

Why the CC GPM did not download the recorded data? It is too strange it downloaded data for 3 days (8,9,10 April) then skipped many days (11,12,13,14) just to get data about the last two days (15,16 April).
Why didn't it upload real historical data, not the useless aproximation of 2 hours averages?

I'm getting more frustrated by this product.
I bought CC exclusively because its selling point is the usage recording over time! I really hope it is just a problem with the software on my side.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 5:44 pm 

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@DavideB. I sympathize with your frustration. The thing to remember is that we are on the bleeding edge of development and we can't (should not?) expect things to "just work". Maybe next year it will be Plug-n-play :lol: .

From your description, I understand tht you ran your CC ENVI monitor for one week not attached to a PC. (And, I assume, not attached to a CC Bridge). This means you were relying on the ENVI to do your data logging. The ENVI has two sets of outputs "Real time" and "History" described in The real-time output is not saved so for your data logging and thus subsequent feed to GPM you can only use the history output which comprises last 31 days of 2-hourly totals (not averages), last 90 days of daily totals and last 7 years of monthly totals. So 2-hourly totals is the best precision you can achieve.

You say that 2-hourly totals is "invaluable" and most of us using the CC ENVI would agree that 2 hourly is useless for some of the things we want to do. {BTW, by a quirk of the English language invaluable means valuable in the sense of "unable to calculate the value"}. This means we need to do the datalogging external to the ENVI (using PC or CC Bridge). In my case I am logging both Energy Usage, and, Energy generation from a solar Photo-Voltac System. That means leaving the ENVI connected to an always-on PC (laptop) and logging the real-time data. The real-time (6 sec instantaneous Power values) is rolled up to 1 min Energy and written to files for subsequent analysis. I've been doing this for about 1 year using Techtoniq Energy Station, a low-cost commercial program. I also publish to Google power Meter using the Current Cost Power Meter Interface.

This year I have also been publishing to using their provided software which supports CC ENVI for both power generation and power usage. This is a free service and has vastly superior graphing and comparison facilities. See/explore

Getting back to your problem of missing 4 days. The only explanation I can think of is that you may have adjusted the clock? It's quite easy to add a day or two but 4 does seem excessive. If you've only recently purchased your ENVI and you know the date it was first turned on you could check the <DSB> node (days since Birth) in the XML output is still correct.

Good Luck HTH.

"The Truth is out there!"

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