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Author:  CuriousCorn [ Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:23 pm ]
Post subject:  Historical Data Output

Hi Forum,

I tried to search the forum for this topic, but it refuses to allow me to do so, claiming the words "History" and "Historical" are too common... :?:

Anyway, I am struggling with the historical data output from Envir CC128 (Software version 1.48)

Apparently, I press OK and down buttons until the red LED blinks. And then release both together, at which point all that is visible is the clock with the hours flashing. No data is output via the USB connection that I can see in Hyperterminal (COM settings are correct, as I can see the periodic data coming through every six seconds.)

Occasionally, when I press & release OK and down, the display will only show the little history bar chart, with the middle element increasing step by step. No data is output. This stops after less than a minute. What on earth is it doing ?

Only ONCE (out of about fifty attempts) have I managed to get the device to output historical data with the OK and down buttons, and then the display showed an increasing number 1-2-3... and a large amount of XML data came pouring out. And this did not coincide with an odd hour.

99.9% of the time I try this, I get the clock with the flashing hours and no data.

It does actually spit out the historical data every odd hour, but it's the forced download that's not working as I expect.

Any ideas ?

Thanks, CC

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